Bridgebuilders is a ministry to males and females of all ages with physical or mental disabilities, and their families. We recognize the challenges that these families face and want to provide a ministry that is sensitive to their situations.

Do the Bridgebuilders meet regularly?

We have a get together on the second Saturday of every month from 6:00pm. This is to give the parents a few hours to go out to dinner or watch a movie and have a safe place to bring their son or daughter. We see this as an opportunity to minister to the boys and girls. It gives them a place to come hang out where they don’t have to feel like they have a babysitter because some of these “kids” are grown. These Saturday gatherings include activities such as dinner, a devotional time, playing a game, and also a craft that reinforces the devotion.

Is there anything on Wednesdays?

We also provide a Wednesday night class after adult praise and worship. For more information please contact Dianna Smith