“Week 4” from Steve Lee

Steve Lee - August 23, 2020

Week 4

Navigating Through Uncertainty

Cross the finish line with your faith unbroken. 2 Timothy 4:6-22

From Series: "Navigating Through Uncertainty"

2 Timothy 1:1-24 Paul never wavered in His faith because He knew with every challenge and with every uncertainty, one thing was always true… God would always help him to navigate through the moment.

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“Week 4” from Steve Lee

Steve Lee - June 7, 2020

Week 4

Coming Back Stronger

We are saved by faith and our words and actions justify that faith.

From Series: "Coming Back Stronger"

Coming back stronger is not only about "opening" the church building back up, but coming back RENEWED and BETTER EQUIPPED in our Christian walk.

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“Week 14” from Jacki Jackson

Jacki Jackson - April 17, 2019

Week 14

I Am (The Gospel of John)

Feast of Tabernacles (Feast of Booth) - John 7:1-38

From Series: "I Am (The Gospel of John)"

"I Am" is about identifying, believing, accepting and understanding Jesus as the true Son of God based on His personal testimony given through His Ministry in action and in word.

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